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Get Crafty With Summer DIY Projects

One of our favorite ways to welcome a new season is by incorporating fresh designs crafted at home. With summer welcoming sunshine and a sense of vitality, we’re ready to embody those feelings with fun DIY projects that range from easy to challenging.

Are you feeling crafty? Get your hands moving with these fun projects.

Pot Painting

We love seeing our residents fill their homes with a bounty of plants. In fact, we recently put together a room-by-room guide for incorporating house plants into an apartment. Today, we’re elaborating on this subject with a fun DIY project for pots courtesy of The Crafted Life. The process is simple. Purchase or source a terra cotta pot, paint, and a brush. You can then decorate the pot to reflect your personal style. Whether you enjoy polka dots, stripes, or have the artistic ability to produce intricate patterns, these pots can reflect your personal aesthetic. Once finished, apply a coat of varnish to seal and protect your beautiful work.

Watermelon Candles

Watermelon is the official fruit of summer, and second to eating it, the best way to enjoy is via these melon-inspired candles from DIY Cozy Home. All you need are candle wicks, wax, fragrance oil, color pigments, and paper cups. First, dye portions of the wax in hot pink and green. After gluing a wick to the bottom of the paper cup, pour a layer of green into it. After it sets in the refrigerator, pour a thin layer of plain white wax, and then after that dries, fill the majority of the cup with hot pink wax. Once it sets, carefully peel off the paper cup and you’ll find a layered watermelon design that will look adorable at your next barbecue.

DIY Outdoor Bar Cart

We’ve saved the best (and most challenging) project for last. This DIY rolling bar cart from The Home Depot Blog will challenge your inner carpenter and result in patio furniture you will love to show off. Once it’s assembled, sanded, and stained, roll it out to your balcony and top with glassware, ice, and garnishes to be served with your favorite libations.

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